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Outdoor Cooking Tripod

Outdoor Cooking Tripod

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Introducing the Outdoor Cooking Tripod; the perfect accessory for your next camping trip! This sturdy tripod is made of aviation aluminum alloy and hard anodizing, with a stainless steel finish, making it durable and long-lasting. It's perfect for hanging a pot over a campfire or picnic and can accommodate up to three people. The Tripod is also easy to fold and transport, so it's ideal for camping trips or picnics. Order your Outdoor Cooking Tripod today and make your next outdoor adventure a breeze!


Product Specifications:

1. Size: About 80 cm / 31.50 in ( unfold size ); about 34 * 7 cm / 13.38 * 2.75 in ( folded size ) 
2. Material: Aviation aluminum alloy hard anodizing + stainless steel 
3. Function: Suitable for team, family camping, campfire, picnic use can be used with hanging pot. 


Package includes: 
1pcs X Tripod Stand

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